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Drying Hoods and Helmets

The extra gear rack on dryer 1 can dry anything that will fit over the 1 inch pipes. This includes hoods and helmets. Something that may be noticed is more air comes out of the bottom of the extra gear rack than the top. If this is an issue, drill holes in the sides of the lower pipes and add caps to the ends the redistribute airflow.

Dryer 2 has noticeably less space to dry as many boots, hoods, helmets, etc. The extra gear rack can be modified by shortening the 3' wide pipe at the bottom. Use the reducing coupling as described in the instructions. Then, stack multiple double 1 1/2" double wyes to reach the desired dryer capacity. I would suggest including at least 5 inches of 1 1/2" pipe between each double wye to make sure gear can be put on the dryer easily.

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