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The summer of 2022, Troop 21 and our brother troop in Gainesville, Troop 125, went to North Carolina for some summer camp awesomeness!!! Camp Bud Schiele is a week-long summer camp offering merit badge classes, hours of rec-time, and many days of fun! With amazing facilities, delicious food, and a variety of classes, Troop 21 and Troop 125's time at Camp Bud Schiele was a success! 

CBS 20.jpg
CBS 17.jpg
CBS 8.jpg

<------- Scouts go mountain boarding for rec-time


Starbucks 4 -----> Life!!!!!!!

<---------- Troop 21 does an official Camp Bud Schiele flag ceremony in front of the camp!

CBS 7.jpg

We went white water rafting!!!

CBS 14.jpg
CBS 29.jpg

<-------- Scouts do a skit called "Beans" in front of the camp. A lot of humor and fun!

CBS 3.jpg
CBS 11.jpg

Rifle Shooting!

CBS 12.jpg
CBS 5.jpg
CBS 6.jpg

Jumping in the lake at 6 in the morning

<------- Camp Classes!

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