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Every year in the summer, Troop 21 gets to do High Adventure Camps. A few of these include Northern Tier, Philmont/Cavalcade, and Sea Base. This year, Troop 21 got the chance to go to Sea Base! This page will contain many amazing pictures and media taken during the week-long trip. It's not often you get to do High Adventures Camps like these, so it's awesome to see just how much fun they can really be. For more photos, follow us on facebook!

Sea Base 1.jpg
Sea Base 30.jpg
Sea Base 29.jpg
Sea Base 28.jpg
Sea Base 26.jpg
Now that is a meal if I've ever seen one! Who's hungry?!
Sea Base 25.jpg
Sea Base 27.jpg


Sea Base 21.jpg

This scout decided to go find a conch shell, after hearing that finding one would bring good luck on a fishing trip. She ended up catching a record breaking 46.5 inch Barracuda. 

on a boat.jpg

Enjoying the breeze from the boat!

Sea Base 5.jpg
Sea Base 17.jpg
Sea Base 19.jpg
Sea Base 7.jpg
Sea Base 24.jpg

Father and daughter

Caught a 46.5 inch Barracuda

Driving to Sea Base!

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